About Us

        Chunfeng Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is specialized in the manufacturing brake pads. The company offers a wide range of brake pads for various vehicle applications to the global automotive OEM market and aftermarket. now we are cooperate with the Volkswagen, Nissan, Mazda, Bmw, Chery, Byd etc.
        With best combination of raw materials and the most sophisticated manufacturing processes available, Chunfeng products are featured with high performance, zero noise, non-pollution, long life etc. All pads have been through extensive testing and meet industry standard, ensuring an original equipment quality and performance. Formulated to high standards, Chunfeng brake pads and brake shoes have been highly recognized by our customers from all around the world.

  • Brake Pad Set:77367369


  • Brake Pad Set:T2H16147


  • Brake Pad Set:89047744


  • Brake Pad Set:8T0 698 151 C

    8T0 698 151 C

  • Brake Pad Set:RJR698151


  • Brake Pad Set:RJR698451


  • Brake Pad Set:PW891182


  • Brake Pad Set:8U0 698 451 D

    8U0 698 451 D

  • Brake Pad Set:41 06 078 28R

    41 06 078 28R

  • Brake Pad Set:44060-8195R